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Women’s Circles

Keren b'Kavod established woman empowerment groups that operate across the country and meet several times per month. This program aims to empower and strengthen women dealing with complex economic and security situations, as well as personal stress. In this program, women examine various ways to deal with their life circumstances while learning from each other’s experiences, as well as through Jewish text study and a variety of other literary sources. These invite them to delve into topics such as parenting, personal and community distress, changes in their life cycle and more.

Meeting Neighbors

Keren b'Kavod works to create a fruitful and respectful gathering leading to a discussion between families and individuals, Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. The program brings together Jewish families from Reform congregations from all around Israel with Arab families from neighboring communities for at least a 6 months period, including a series of meetings structured and guided by Jewish and Arab facilitators. Each group contains 5-7 families from each side that are living a few kilometers from each other but never had the opportunity to meet for a personal human family meeting in a supportive framework.

Food Distribution

Keren b'Kavod works year-round to provide both food and household goods to disadvantaged populations in Israel. Hundreds of food packages are prepared and distributed annually, with recipients also helping to pack and distribute boxes to other Keren b'Kavod recipients. Having those who receive assistance also have a hand in helping others helps build self-esteem and promotes empowerment.

Lighting Dark Corners

Leading up to Hanukah, Christmas and the Sigd Holiday of Ethiopian Jewry, Keren b’Kavod runs the “Lighting Dark Corners” project all across the country. As part of this project, Keren b’Kavod runs a number of assistance programs meant to bring light to the winter holidays of all religions through humanitarian and cultural activities.

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