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Emergency Relief

As part of its civic and Jewish commitment, Keren B'Kavod rallies to answer national needs, both in times of crisis and in their aftermath. During situations such as the Second Lebanon War, Operation Cast Iron, the Carmel Forest Fire, Operation "Pillar of Defense" and Operation "Protective Edge", Keren B'Kavod led a variety of assistance and support programs in cooperation with government entities.


Our activities include hosting evacuees, distributing special food packages, providing humanitarian aid to disaster victims and pastoral care for physical and emotional rehabilitation through education and recreation.

Throughout Operation “Protective Edge” Keren B’Kavod ran a variety of programs for residents of southern Israel, including in Gedera and Sderot. Keren B’Kavod teams and volunteers from across the country ran activities in bomb shelters, public parks and community centers. The activities included: music, art, theater and meetings with youth, the elderly and new immigrants. Additionally, Keren B’Kavod ran workshops on film and art and design for around 240 youths from the welfare systems in Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva and Sderot. Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod. In total, around 1,500 residents participated in these programs.  


Food and supplies kits: Throughout the operation, “Protective Edge” around 1,000 food kits were prepared and distributed to families in the south. Additionally, 1,400 arts and crafts kits were handed out and included art supplies, board games, and 400 back-to-school kits. The packages and kits were assembled by volunteers from the IMPJ Havaya summer camp, as well as by youths and other volunteers from southern cities and towns. The packages and kits were distributed in Yeruham, Be’er Sheva, Gedera, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot and more. 

Hosting southern residents in IMPJ communities across the country: Throughout Operation "Protective Edge", Keren B'Kavod assisted in organizing lodging and entertainment for residents of southern Israel at IMPJ communities across the country. Additionally, "get-away" days were planned, in which those in the caught in the line of fire could get respite from the stress and anxiety that accompanies living in an area affected by war. The main sites of lodging and entertainment included: Mishkanot Ruth in Jaffa, Beit Shmuel in Jerusalem, Beit Shmueli in Ra'ananna and the Leo Baeck School in Haifa.


Following the devastating cross-country fires in 2017, Keren b’Kavod with the Leo Baeck Education Center and Congregation “Ohel Avraham” in Haifa to open support centers for families in need. Assistance provided included immediate hospitality, food supplies and recovering household items which survived the fire.

Our teams work tirelessly to examine what are the exact needs of those most impacted, providing them with clothing, basic household items, school books and supplies, and more.

Keren b'Kavod provided immediate support to all those who have lost their homes and other fire victims. 

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