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Keren b'Kavod – the Center for Social and Communal Activity of the Israeli Reform Movement assists populations in distress, with an emphasis on social empowerment. We conduct activities throughout the year in the areas of education, culture and nutritional security. 


As a fund for Humanitarian Assistance and Social Responsibility, we assist disadvantaged populations throughout the year from all segments of Israeli society, regardless of religion, place of origin or political affiliation, in order to minimize gaps in Israeli society and promote social justice. Our mission is to influence and create 'Tikkun Olam' in Israeli society. We do so by operating programs and projects of philanthropy and social involvement in conjunction with the Reform congregations throughout Israel. 


Each one of Keren b’Kavod’s programs serves as a leading example of social commitment, led by the ethical identity of Jewish morality and affiliation. We invite you to be our partners in continuing to provide these life-changing experiences to Israeli populations from all walks of life. We believe that all people possess great worth and abilities - sometimes all that is needed is a spark.

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