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Food Distribution


Donate a food package

Kimcha De'Pischa

Donate a food package

Tishrei Holidays

Each year, around the High Holidays and Passover, Keren b’Kavod, together with Reform congregations across the country, pack and distribute food packages to families in need. Keren b’Kavod and IMPJ congregations aim to provide community-based, educational and humanitarian assistance to all people, so to enable them to fulfill their right to a proper standard of living for themselves and their families.


We work to promote social and cultural solidarity through giving within our congregations and institutions, as well as the greater public and our global community, based on Reform Jewish values. Unfortunately, throughout the year, many Israeli families face difficult financial circumstances. This is especially relevant around the holidays, when expenses are particularly high. We turn to our congregational members to contribute in order to ensure that the year of those less fortunate also begins on a positive note. 


The project assists families from all walks of Israeli life, including Ethiopian, Olim (immigrants), immigrant workers, Bedouins, the elderly and more. We turn to members of Reform congregations and institutions in Israel, as well as to the greater Israeli public who are involved in Tzdakah all year long to contribute to families in need during the High Holidays. This year, we are asking for your help as well. 


The generosity of Reform and Progressive congregations in Israel and around the world will enable us to assist a greater number of families. The cost of one package is $40, for a minimum total of $400 from each congregation.





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